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Here you will find all there is to know about the Characters.


Piper Halliwell
Piper has always been the peace keeper of the family. She was the one who usually smoothed any clashes between Prue and Phoebe. Before she became the proud owner of her night club P3, she was the manager of a restaurant in San Francisco called Quake. Out of the three sisters, Piper has always been the one that was most unwilling to learn the destiny they have to fulfill. Her love life has been the most interesting out of the three sisters. First dating a warlock, then falling for a ghost. Finally it was Leo, at first disguised as a handyman who turned out to be their Whitelighter, who captured Ppier's heart. Piper was always the closest to Prue, and took it the hardest when she died. Now that they have found Paige, Piper has to be the sister that Prue was,but she know's she has some big shoes to fill there. She is now the more powerful Charmed One since Prue is gone. 



Phoebe Halliwell
Phoebe was always thought as the wild and free spirited sister. She was also the most enthusiacstic to learn the craft. But now Phoebe has matured since she first learned of her destiny. She also became closer with her older sister Prue since then. Phoebe is the more carefree sister, the one who doesn't think of the consequences of her actions. But now she will have to give that title up to Paige, as she becomes middle sister after Prue's death. Phoebe has more responsibilities to take care of now. She is also the newlywed after marring Cole,the former demon know as Belthazor, who was sent by the triad to kill her and her sisters. Thinking that they have vanquished the Source, she reliazes that Cole has been given the powers that the Source had once possed. Having to choose her husband over her sisters, she couldn't give up the love that she had for Cole. She went over to the dark side to be with her husband, only to find out that her sisters were going to be killed. Even though she loves Cole with all her heart, she can't allow him to kill them. She goes back to help her sisters vanquish Cole/The Source, even though it is the hardest thing she has ever had to do, she knows it is the right thing to do.



Paige Matthews/Halliwell
Paige was given up at birth and never knew who her real parents were. Although she suspected that she was related to the Halliwells she never confronted them. After attending Prue's funeral the truth of her origin was finally brought to light. Paige was horrified at first at the thought of the demonic world and her being a part of the Charmed Ones. However, she quickly got out of the dilemma and took on the job as being one of the Power of Three esctaticly. This brought Piper and Phoebe out of their grief of losing their older sister Prue, and back to protecting the innocent. Paige, like her sisters, also had to deal with the issues and consequences of using magic for personal gain.