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Temporal Stasis--
One of  the powers that Piper has is the ability to freeze time. Her power was first triggered through panic attacks. Her control over her power grew allowing her to unfreeze things at her will and to unfreeze certain parts of the body while the rest of the body remains frozen.


Temporal Combustion-
Pipers second power is the ability to manipulate the cellular structure of objects, thus causing it to separate with an explosive action. This powere first was triggered through frustration. Piper now has gotten more control over it.


Phoebe has the ability to see the past or the future through visions, often happening abruptly or by touching objects that has something to do with the premonition. Phoebe is now able to have a premonition if she concentrates really hard.  


The ability to make oneself weightless and float in the air. Like her power of premonition Phoebe couldn't always levitate when she wanted. Now she has complete control over the power. Phoebe'sw power of levitation aide her well in her martial arts. There is a rumor that Phoebe will get the power to absorb attacks and send them back, but this is not official.


Telekinetic Orbing-
The Same Definition as Prue's as to move objects with her mind. However, as she is half whitelighter,  her method of moving objects is slightly different. The object will "orb" first before reaching it's destination.


The abilty to teleport from one place to another in a shimmer of blue and white orbs. This power was first triggered by fear. At first Paige could only orb and reappear in the same place, but now her power has grown and she can orb from one place to another. Paige also has the power to heal people just as Leo can.